there was only one quote from the ultimates: and its was from the Annual #2, i expected more...but there doesn't seem to be any....

Captain America: How can you stand it? The lack of progress?
Falcon: Let's not get into this, shall we.
Captain America: Colored people and the lack of...I mean...
Captain America: Black people and the...African-Americans and...stop giving me that look. You know what I mean.
Falcon: Sure, you mean you don't know what the hell you're talking about but I should act like you do because you mean well.
Captain America: That's not--
Falcon: Hey, no problem, just because they call you Captain America, doesn't mean you should be any different from any other white guy.
Captain America: No. It's just means that my head and my heart tell me it's 1945. They tell me that when I switch on the radio, it should take a minute to warm up and music should come out, not noise and foul language. They tell me that when I talk about God as something real, people should understand, not look away as if I'm crazy. They tell me that I should be winning a war that will make the world free and everyone equal -- not looking at the sad result of sixty years of compromise and lowered expectations. They tell me that I'm just a man. No better than any other. But no worse.
Falcon: Well. Sixty years. Let me tell you, man, you missed some $#!&.
I've used this to find quotes by interesting people, but I never thought they would have quotes from comics. Go figure. I guess this is what happens when comic book geeks are allowed to edit online content.

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