Will Harry become Hobgoblin?


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Jun 2, 2004
While I could see Harry being the Hobgoblin to simplify matters (and remove the necessity of getting rid of his father) I'd rather we have Hobby be a different sort of character, closer to the 616 version. The whole, hate SHEILD, obsessed with Peter angle can only go so far, and the original Hobgoblin concept has a lot going for it. I'm a bit biased because one of the first Marvel mini-series I picked up was Hobgoblin Lives, but I thought that sort of story was really cool. Mystery man steals Osborn's formula, modifies it a bit to remove most of the negative side effects ie. insanity and uses it tactically to gain his own ends and only has a connection to Spidey cause they run into eachother. Too many Spidey villians are intimately connected to Spidey right now. Kingpin ballances that outa bit, but the number of superpowered wackos who know who Peter is, is a bit high. If you do a whole who is it angle like in Hobgoblin Lives and how it was (or so I'm told it was) in the original plot, you can work in tension very nicely. Keep the readers guessing as to who it is, make Spidey do some detective work and use his head. The whole corporate crime/mob angle of Hobgoblin also was very appealing, gave the whole affair some nice complexities. I hope Bendis does something like this (or at least different from Green Goblin), and I'd say the odds are pretty good. Already he's differentiating Venom and Carnage nicely and I can't see him wasting the opportunity to get a different angle from Norman with Hobgoblin.
I know Harry doesn't become Hobgoblin in 616, but I think he should in Ultimate. I don't really wanna see another GG.
Well, I don't wanna see 616 being used as a cruch for the Ultimate Universe anymore. Ultimate X-Men is doing a better job of it than other titles, however, there are some vague similiarities that are not that well executed. It's like Brian Vaughan said, if you re-do a perfectly good story and it doesn't come off as ULTIMATE, what's the point? Do a story that is smaller and lesser known or a story that is your own and make it better than the ones you wanted to do in the first place.

This would make you think that Harry would be a good candidate for Hobby? Nope. I don't think. I'd like him to be someone we don't know and Peter takes him personally since he has a thing against goblins.

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