Wizard World L.A. Yeah, it was this weekend.


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Jul 24, 2004
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The Wizard World Convention Tour has begun and as always, L.A. is it's first victim. Err...I mean stop. Dropping you the news as always is Newsarama and Comic Book Resources as they update from the panels live.

Stay tuned to your Friendly Neighborhood Ultimate Central for news as it comes all weekend long.

Let's start, shall we?


Marvel's Spider-Man Panel

DC Comic's DC Nation Panel

Marvel's Cup O' Jeph [Loeb] Panel

Marvel's X-Men Panel

Secret Invasion Panel

DC Countdown Panel

The Top Cow Panel

Secret Invasion: From the Front Lawn

Mondo Marvel Panel

Comic Book Resources:

WWLA: Spider-Man's Brand New Day

WWLA: DC Nation

WWLA: Loeb & Sale on Captain America: White

WWLA: Cup O' Jeph

WWLA: Aspen Comics

WWLA: Alonso talks Astonishing X-Men

WWLA: The X-Men Panel

WWLA: Fraction on Marvel Exclusive & Uncanny X-Men

WWLA: Marvel's Secret Invasion Panel

WWLA: DCU- Countdown to Crisis

WWLA: Top Cow Launches Pilot Season Two In May

WWLA: "The Incredible Hulk" Retrospective with Lou Ferrigno

WWLA: Mega Movie Panel

WWLA: Top Cow 2008

WWLA: Robot Chicken Panel

WWLA: Mondo Marvel Panel

WWLA: Ketchum talks "Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft"

WWLA: Dodson signs Marvel Exclusive; joins Uncanny X-Men

WWLA: Ultimates Director's Cut

WWLA: Marvel to adapt Stephen King's "The Stand"

WWLA: Kirby- King of Comics Panel w/ Mark Evanier

WWLA: Marvel Zombies Director's Cut w/ Arthur Suydam
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