Wizard World Philladelphia notes (potential spoilers)


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Jun 29, 2006
Kelowna, B.C, Canada
well another comic-con has come and gone and now we have some tidbits to mull over for good or bad

The Brand New [Censored] in ASM before New Ways to Die, is in fact a female Kraven

Alex Ross and John Romita Sr. (yes Sr.) will be providing variant covers for New Ways to Die

The return of Harry and the loss of Peters "Other/Dissasembled" powers will be resolved in ASM within the next 2 years

An important character to JMS's tenure will be returning to the book by the end of the year (I'm guessing Morlun)

Slott wants to use Carnage

Marcos Martin will be doing more ASM in the future

The next X-story, will be called Manifest Destiny, which will feature very few tie ins, and a new 4 issue mini by Mike Care called "X-Men: Manifest Destiny"

Mike Deodato Jr. is moving to Wolverine Origins starting in September (BOO!), with a crossover arc with X-Men: Legacy

The Deadpool ongoing will be starting in September by Dan Way (Boo!) with art by Paco Medina (meh), with covers by Clayton Crain and Rob Liefeld (boo)

King Sized Cable special in Sept. by Duane S. with art by Ken Lashley, will bey 44 pages long, and spotlight on Bishop

Age of Sentry mini announced about the Sentry's early years, by Jeff Parker with art by Paul Tobin (other sources say Nick Dragotta though)

Speedball is returning to normal with a new suit

new mini Magneto: Testament from Marvel Knights, by Greg Pak and Carmine Di Giandomenico, highlighting Magneto's youth growing up in nazi germany

an Avengers: The Initiative one-shot is coming featuring Komodo and Harball on Nevada's team wich is apparently lead by Gravity

Allan Heinberg has a top secret project in the wings with marvel which will apparently star the Young Avengers, but it's not a YA book

The Warbound will be reappearing in one of Pak's two ongoings later this year

there is a Lostian style time shift between OMD and BND, which will be filled in later

we may be getting a Slingers Super-Skrull (seems pointless really)

The Loners will be appearing in various books, but there is no series for them in the pipeline

Iron Fist will be about the only book that doesn't tie-in to Secret Invasion (phew), and they will continue to revisit past Iron Fists

whether or not the Secret War was engineered by skrulls will be answered in Septembers Mighty Avengers #18

Mary Jane is not a skrull

there are rumblings of an Ultimate Thor series (prolly a mini)

teaser for something big in 09, maybe an event, maybe not


There is probably more but I'm tired so yeah
there are rumblings of an Ultimate Thor series (prolly a mini)

Probably that Loeb/Turner thing that was mentioned a long time ago. Sigh.

That teaser poster is pretty neat though.

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