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Jan 27, 2005
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Marvel Panel Couresty Of Comics Continuum

-The image that caused the most stir during the panel, though, was from a two-page spread from Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk in which the Hulk literally rips Wolverine into two.

-2006 will mark the return of Apocalypse.

-What happened to Professor Xavier? Lowe said X-Men: Deadly Genesis will be a good place to look. "There's also a character who dies, a pretty major character," he said.

-Kitty Pryde and Mary Jane will team up in Ultimate Spider-Man.

-Lowe said Wolverine is "one of the most changed characters" after House of M.

click the link for pictures and covers and more information on Uncanny X-men The Enternals, New Excailbur, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Ultimate Iron Man, .
More From The Marvel Panel
Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch said he has extended his exclusive agreement with Marvel Comics through 2009.

Hitch appeared at Marvel's panel Friday at Wizard World Texas, along with editor Nick Lowe and artist Steve McNiven.

"I have a whole list of projects I've planned," Hitch said.

His first project will be on a grand scale and will be set in the Marvel Universe. "I'll have one year's lead time," Hitch said.

In other news from the panel:

* Mike Deodato Jr. is the new artist for the New Avengers, starting with #17.

* McNiven said he has a project lined up following his run on New Avengers, but he wasn't at liberty to provide details. "I would like to be on a title for more than 3-4 issues," he said.

* Lowe said Nextwave, the series by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen, will be ongoing, contrary to previous published reports.

"It will continue as long as Warren wants it to," said Lowe, who said he has already received scripts through #9.

Look for Fin Fang Foom to appear in the book. "He's wearing the purple underpants we all know and love," Lowe said.

* Astonishing X-Men will resume in February.

* The second Ultimate Iron Man mini-series is tentatively targeted for June.

* The third volume of Ultimates -- by Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira -- will start about a year after the events of the second volume. "There's going to be a gap after where we leave to give Jeph some space," Hitch said. "We're going to leave a great deal of destruction."

* Lowe on Hawkeye: "I can't say what the future of Hawkeye will be, but (Brian) Bendis will likely be handling it."

* Lowe said Spider-Girl has been doing well in digest sales at book stores and that the title is "pretty safe."

* Lowe said there are plans for another Defenders series by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire.


At DC Comics' Crisis Counseling panel at Wizard World Texas on Friday -- dubbed the first "Infinite" Crisis Counseling panel by DC Comics' Dan DiDio -- it was announced that Marv Wolfman will be doing some Teen Titans work.

"Marv is co-writing a couple of issues of Teen Titans with Geoff (Johns) and he's co-writing the Teen Titans Annual with Geoff," DiDio said, appearing with Bob Wayne as a spirited panel.

DiDio said that both Wolfman and George Perez are coming increasingly involved with Infinite Crisis events.

"We're very happy to have them involved," DiDio said.

DiDio, who worked with Wolfman on two animated series during his days at Mainframe Entertainment, said Wolfman also has pitches in with the publisher.

In other news from the panel:

* DiDio said that "50 to 75 percent" of the DCU titles will have new creative teams after Infinite Crisis.

* 52, the tentatively titled weekly comic filling in the gap between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later, will launch in May, two weeks after the Infinite Crisis finale. Wayne said the price point for the series remains to be announced.

* Gail Simone will be busy at DC. "Not just in the DCU," Wayne said. "Gail has other things going on."

* DiDio said that Zero Hour will be addressed in Infinite Crisis, but Hypertime will not.

* Lobo will not be involved in Infinite Crisis, DiDio said.

* DiDio said the first issue of Infinite Crisis was meant "to give a sense of chaos and confusion."

* As for the future of Jason Todd, DiDio said, "More people are enjoying his return than are upset about his return. That Might tell you where we're going."

* The Batman Annual will feature the origin of the Red Hood and will tie into "A Death in the Family."

* Wayne said readers will be surprised at the number of upcoming soliciations that will be accompanied with the phrase "final issue." DiDio said it's "a pruning" of the line.

* DiDio said that Ted Kord will remain dead. "He has too much merit," DiDio said. "If you do something that matters (in a story), it makes it hard to go back.

"If you see a body, they're dead. And if you see blood, they're very dead."

* Jim Corrigan and the Spectre? "They make a lovely couple," DiDio said.

* DiDio said Manhunter is not in danger of being canceled.

More From The DC Panel.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- DC Comics' Dan DiDio and Bob Wayne staged a second panel at Wizard World Texas on Saturday, with a different presentation before fielding questions from the audience.

Following are highlights:

* Captain Atom comes face-to-face with The Authority in Captain Atom: Armageddon #5 in February.

* JLA #125 in February features the final confrontation between Batman and Green Arrow. Will there be a JLA #126? "Wait and see," DiDio said.

* In February's Ex Machina #19, war has spilled onto the streets of New York City, and it's up to the mayor to stop it.

* The first issue of Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy will have covers by Joe Kubert (approximately 50 percent), Andy Kubert (25 percent) and Adam Kubert (25 percent).

* Mark Verheiden and Ethan Van Sciver are the new creative team on Superman/Batman, beginning with #27.

* DiDio said the cover to Infinite Crisis #4 that has been shown is not the final cover.

* Wayne said "there's nothing definite" about a 100 Bullets television series on HBO.

* DiDio said he expects The Brave and the Bold, by Mark Waid and George Perez, to begin in the middle of next year as an ongoing monthly.

* DiDio said there are no current plans for Starman. He said he wants that to be James Robinson's story, and Robinson is currently involved in film work.

* Animal Man will play a "key role" in Infinite Crisis. "And hopefully, he makes it out of it," DiDio said.

* Look for an announcement this week about a Sandman collection.

* DiDio said readers will see more of Shadowpact.

* Captain Carrot will appear in Teen Titans.

* Look for future editions of DC Showcase to include Justice League of America, Green Arrow and House of Mystery.

* Warlord, by Bruce Jones and Bart Sears, is slated for a February launch.

click the link for covers. http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0511/07/dcpanel.htm
Is Geoff Johns FINALLY going to write the Captain Carrot/Teen Titans story? It was first said in Wizard like two years ago.

I'm also glad to see that Animal Man will be coming back and playing a big role. He deserves time in the spotlight.
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