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This is the anecdote that Bendis told about his phone conversation with Steve Ditko.
Bendis said:
‘Hi. My name is Brian Bendis and I write Spider-Man for the last few years.’ And he went ‘Uh huh.’
I said, ‘We’re doing these interviews.’ And he said, ‘Well, I don’t do interviews.’ I’m like: ‘Yeah, well, I knew that it was a long shot. I just thought that I would try. Can I ask you why you don’t do interviews?’
He goes: ‘Oh, you know what? That’s an excellent question. But it’s an interview question and I don’t do interviews.’ And that was the end of the phone call.
I read that and couldn't help but laugh.
Giffen said:
25 Years Later? How have comics changed in the past quarter-century?

...Bite me.
He asked how comics have changed after ten years and got the response, "Sure, ask the old guy." Apparently, 25 years is pushing it.


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So has anyone else been poking around the message boards there? I have for the last day or so. Not much goin on.

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