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Feb 26, 2016
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I've decided to return from Comic Board retirement to offer up this fun dystopian Wolverine/Phoenix crossover (DC-Marvel) storyline about Professor Xavier sending the two mutant superheroes to assist a team of DC heroes in dealing with a nefarious underwater earthquake weapon being built by a design-conscious madman named Hammond!


Wolverine (Logan) and Phoenix (Jean Grey) were asked by their mentor Dr. Xavier at the Mutant School of Gifted Youngsters in the USA to investigate the intriguing and heroic activities of a newly emerged hero-team called the Green-Team (GT), comprised of the three superhuman psychics Green Lantern, Black Canary, and Green Arrow, involving the challenging of a nefarious mastermind mad scientist named Hammond. Apparently, the heroic GT (Green Team) was tracking the research patterns of Hammond at CalTech and determining if the mad genius had built an underwater lair somewhere in California to create a super-quake device to trouble the land's fault-line on San Andreas. Professor Xavier wanted Wolverine (Logan) and Phoenix (Jean) to start following the GT (Green Team) and see if they'd produced worthy leads to this quake-terror device near San Andreas and to see if Xavier's gifted X-Men could assist the team!

WOLVERINE: It's rumored Hammond drinks blood.
WOLVERINE: I think this Green Team has merit, Jean.
PHOENIX: Let's hope so and investigate, Logan.

As Wolverine and Phoenix continued their investigation, using their super-mutant senses of tracking and psychic sensitivity and even mind sensation, they wondered if the heroic Green Team had discovered the appropriate resources to track the insidious Hammond and discover if this quake-terror device near San Andreas was merely crime-world gossip. Wolverine and Phoenix knew that if Hammond had successfully built some kind of underwater mad science lair with capabilities of launching missiles or a weapon at the San Andreas fault, the entire state of California could possibly be submered into the Pacific. This would be terror on a grander scale than 9/11, so Wolverine and Phoenix hoped to determine if the GT (Green Team) had enough wits and intuition to succesfully deter such a dark and evil and brainy plan in America.

WOLVERINE: I think the Green Team thinks the device is hidden underwater by San Diego.
PHOENIX: That's what my senses tell me too, Logan!
WOLVERINE: I say we stakeout San Diego shores until we see the Green Team.

Wolverine (Logan)b and Phoenix (Jean) continued to stakeout the San Diego shoreline until they finally noticed the GT (Green Team) start roaming by on their motorbikes. The GT, comprised of Green Lantern (a magician), Black Canary (a female shootist), and Green Arrow (a super-archer), was on the San Diego shoreline after finding evidence that Hammond had hidden his quake-terror device in his underwater lair somewhere beneath the Pacific by the Salk Institute. Wolverine and Phoenix signaled the GT (Green Team) and explained they were sent by the esteemed Dr. Xavier, head of the Mutant School for the gifted youngsters in the USA, to offer their assistance in deterring the diabolical Hammond from using brainy schemes to destroy California. The GT (Green Team) expressed their gratitude and confessed they'd need the right democratic stuff to continue their exploration of Hammond's dark lair and device, and Wolverine and Phoenix were the perfect diviners for this otherwise dark mission. After all, Hammond was a true blood-sucker!


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