Wrestlemania 22

Hellsbuttmonkey said:
Anybody watch it? I liked it, the hardcore match was awesome!

Yeah i watched it. Was really surprised with Rey Mysterio winning the world championship.

The money in the bank ladder match and vince vs hbk were my favourites (i missed the hardcore match cuz i had to go out and pick up the pizza)

The womens championship match was surprisingly good too.
The hardcore match was brilliant. Barbed wire mandible claw.... and the finish was beautiful.
Vince/HBK was ace as well, the DX chop at the top of the ladder, with that 20 foot elbow drop! sweet!
was disappointed with Taker/Henry tho.
I used to be into wrestle (mainly cause my friends were) I remember one of the last things I saw was when Kaine put a mircophine to his throat saying if he lost he would set himself on fire, I love that moment
thee great one said:
I almost got it but wreslting sucks now.
Wrestling kicks ***!!!...

When you're 8.

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