WTB Absolute Planetary

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If anyone sees a copy of Volume 1 or has one they are willing to part one. I want it so bad but I don't want to pay 150 dollars for it. So please if you notice one in your shop or something let me know.


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Volume 1 went back to print when volume 2 came out - is it already out of print again? I got it the 2nd time around for about $50. Seems to soon for it to be out of print already.

thee great one

Master of TOG-fu.
It is.

I searched every Vegas comic store, all over the internet. I hope that somebody somewhere sees one sitting in a comic store lost and alone for me to take home.
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I am also hunting vol. 1s... Just got a Vol. 2 for like $40 and now I must find his brother. One of these weekends I shall be visiting all 8 comic shops I know in NYC...

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