WTB: War of Kings HC


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Sep 6, 2004
Washington, PA
Exactly what the thread title says. I missed out on the War of Kings HC when it was released and can't seem to find it at a reasonable price. This saddens me as I've been following Cosmic Marvel, albeit belatedly, and have grown to love it. Now if the Softcover release of it had the same contents I'd most likely pick that up and resign myself to having one softcover among my glorious oversized hardcovers but thats not the case. the SC they're releasing only has War of Kings 1-6 and not all the tie ins like the HC has. Getting all the Tie ins in SC brings on another set of books, another set of costs that eclipse the cost of even most of the marked up HCs, and add even more infuriating SCs to my collection.

This cannot happen.

I'm willing to pay $40, cover price, plus shipping on the book. I really hope that someone on the board can help me out here.

Why oh why did I [ick up Criminal: The Deluxe Edition that day and not War of Kings?

Oh, right, Criminal. Never mind that.

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