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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Aug 16, 2005
John Cena is a big dude, but you've never seen him like this. He enters the top of the ramp leading down to the ring, gives his trademark salute, and you find yourself wondering where Cena's neck ends and the rest of his torso begins. His jaw is proportionate for placement on Mount Rushmore, and his trademark jean-shorts (I call them "jorts") cover legs that could double as tree trunks. Cena is followed by The Rock, who is decked out in black trunks and chin-length sideburns--and the Brahma Bull is looking just as rocked out as Cena.

Welcome to WWE All Stars, where over-the-top is just the beginning. The brand-new wrestling game is being developed by THQ San Diego, and the game is being led by veteran video game designer Sal DiVita. The team is no stranger to wrestling games; many of them worked on 2008's TNA Impact. Though the team has carried that experience and passion for wrestling forward with All Stars, there will be no confusing one game for the other--All Stars is pure, fast-paced wrestling from the get-go, and the difference is seen in every aspect of the game.

If you think of the SmackDown! vs. Raw series as the "sim" WWE game, then All Stars is pure arcade action top to bottom. From a combat standpoint, DiVita says that All Stars has as much in common with a fighting game as it does with a traditional wrestling game. Part of that similarity comes in the overall speed of the game. Punches and kicks fly quickly in the game, and the recovery time of struck wrestlers is quicker than you might expect. As a result, the action in the ring is a good clip quicker than what SVR veterans may be used to.

Another aspect of that fighting game mentality comes in the controls themselves. The face buttons are used for strong and light grapples and strikes, and you'll be able to charge your strikes by moving and holding the right stick away from your opponent. Combos will play a large role in wearing your opponent down. We watched as Cena laid out The Rock with multiple lefts and rights to the jaw--during one more-complicated sequence, Cena was able to throw a quick one-two punch, then do a scissor take-down on The People's Champ.

Combos aren't just for standing, however, thanks to a juggle system that will let you string together multiple midair slams and throws in a row. The timing is delicate, but with a bit of practice, you can get a two- or three-hit chained slam full of huge leaps in the air and devastating slams on the mat. The early build of the game we played used slo-mo frequently, especially during juggle combos, perhaps as a way to make stringing moves together easier, as well as to illustrate the destructive power of the moves. As for defense, you'll have a small window in which you can reverse both grapples and strikes using the respective shoulder buttons (and you'll be notified of that window thanks to icons that will briefly appear onscreen).

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Video : http://uk.gamespot.com/ps3/sports/wweallstars/video/6264963?tag=embedded_video#generic_comments

Pictures :

This looks fun and I'm digging the art style. Reminds me of the wwe heroes comics.
New Videos

Well, thanks to today's WWE All Stars cover reveal, you can add a couple more names to that ever-expanding list of talent. Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior are in this game, and that's no small feat considering Hogan currently works for WWE competitor TNA and the Ultimate Warrior has a history of conflict with the WWE.

I'm not a wrestling fan, but this does sound kind of awesome...

Also, Macho Man Randy Santa should play Batman in a Dark Knight Returns adaptation.
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Pictures of Cena Vs Hogan

Kick ass hype video

Macho-man entrance

Macho-man finishers

Also and old video but WWE All Stars: Video Game, Characters & Gameplay Walkthrough

This trailer makes it look fun

The only good wrestling game was the second one they made for the PS2

Since then they have become way too complicated.

That is the main series Smackdown vs raw :)

Allstars is said to be "pick up and play" with hidden deph. it's also simpler controls than the smackdown series. As this game is made not just current fans but old fans who no longer follow it. That video above John Cena vs HHH , Cena is been played by a guy who never played it before and he almost won!

I do not know if that helps you any. But they have said a demo is coming soon for people to try too :D
I'm not a fan of wrestling either, but it was impossible not to pick up on little facts relating to it and its vast array of characters, while growing up. And for what it's worth, I did spend hours playing Smackdown 2 with my friend Shane; but we usually created our own characters from scratch.

This game is an interesting idea, but I don't really like the cartoony look of the character models. They look a bit too cheap for a full-priced current generation game. The Rock does not look like Dwayne Johnson in those pictures.

And what's with the outrageous muscles on all of the characters? I know they're huge in real life, but they're not that huge.
And what's with the outrageous muscles on all of the characters? I know they're huge in real life, but they're not that huge.

That's the point. It's exaggerated, over-the-top fun. Look at the characters then look how they do finishers. Like one of the people working on it said, It's like small child playing with action figures.

The realist looking one is "Smackdown vs raw" series. This is just fun like macho man's elbow he leaps 50ft in the air and crashes down. It's just fun over-the top stuff. :)
New hype video. Sgt Slaughter Vs Jack Swagger

There are so many I don't know and have never heard of.

Clearly, it was better in my day.

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