X-Files 2 movie discussion


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The official teaser poster and site have been release, as well as a bootleg video of the trailer

I have to say I ****ing love the poster, why? No floating heads


The Timeline Guy
I love how the two of them standing, with their shadows behind them forming an X. The far away, birds eye view also perfectly fits the alien/flying saucer tone of the show. I was never even a big X-Files fan, but I'm excited for this.


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Yeah, it's supposed to have nothing to do with aliens, which is the main reason I'm looking forward to it.

I never liked the alien stuff on the show. It was confusing and got boring very fast. The movie is going to be more like the one-off episodes about random, creepy subjects, which were the most awesome things ever.

That one about the cannibal killer guy who could creep through air vents still freaks me out to a ridiculous degree.


Nexus of the World
I recall hearing it's more of a one shot than a continuation of the conspiracy

I hope so. Because that's when X-FILES was at it's best.

I also hope it's a comedy.

X-FILES comedy episodes are superb.

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