X-men #164 Discussion. (Spoilers)


The Original Muffins Man
Sep 6, 2004
I was reading on another board and basically, a load of people hated the art, hated the characterization, hated Emma Frost' guest appearance and didn't like the story.

About the only thing the people over there did like was Wolverine's not being there.

The main whinge about the characterization was that they weren't shown as admirable people who we could look up to.

Then, further down, I found this

X-MEN #169
Written by Peter Milligan
Pencils & Cover by Salvador Larroca
The strange madness the X-Men discovered in Antarctica has come to the X-Mansion. Are the X-Men prepared to face what's inside them…or will they be defeated by their own inner demons?
Part 4 (of 5).
32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.25

The X-men are fighting their inner demons. So it seems to me (I have not read the issue. I have not read a summary. I have only read snippets posted by people whining about how they didn't like it) that Milligan is just bringing out their inner demons. He was aparently highlighting things like the Alex-Lorna-Bobby conflict-love triangle-majig. He's setting them up so the demons are really prominent. So when issue 4 rolls around, it won't be so surprising that they are torn apart easily.

So if anyone has read the issue, can you give me a bit more detail on what happened and share your opinions

Yeah, I noticed that... I think I might've mentioned it somewhere on here, but I'm not sure where... It would seem that Wolverine can't make up his mind and doesn't care if he's ticking off teammates in the process...

Hey, I just had a thought. What if the character Wolverine is killing in his own title turns out to be Gambit? Since, you know, Millar doesn't like him it makes sense...
Probably not going to happen. If you look at the group on the cover of the issue with a death, its the Astonishing and Uncanny X-men. I don´t think any of the Adjectiveless are there
Tis true. Just that Wolverine doesn´t have as close a relationship with the Adjectiveless characters as he does many of the others. He doesn´t have the relationship so there´s less personal impact that there would be otherwise, thats all.

Still, it remains to be seen
Well, I think that Wolverine has it least be familiarized with the Adjectiveless team... That's knowing him, really. He's a popular cat around the mansion, I'm sure.
You do realise this discussion is sort of pointless. I'm in a foreign country, cold turkey comics for a year (pretty much anyway) and you hardly read 616, yet we're the only ones talking about this.......