X-Men Divided We Stand Discussion (Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Today came out the first book of the two-parter "X-Men: Divided We Stand" that features short stories on certain characters.

C.B. Cebulski told on MW that the first book had a secret story that wasn't revealed in the solicitation for #1, and that #2 will have one as well. And who is it?


C.B. Cebulski said:
Just as X-Men: Divided We Stand #1, on sale today, had an unannounced Hellion story, next month's second issue features a VERY SPECIAL "secret" story as well. A sneak peek...

Re: X-Men Divided We Stand Discussion (Spoilers) And we have someone...MAGIKal...

....why would you put it in the title?
Anyone read Book 1?

The stories were good.

I liked Carey and Peterson's Cannonball story. He's mad about the X-Men being disbanded (when he doesn't know they're really not) that he went into a bar purposely knowing that a fight would happen because of who he is. I asked Mike if he was going to pick this up later on and he said hopefully if things work out in his favor we'll be seeing it again next year.

Also, Newsarama previews Book 2
The stories were great. This is just the next issue of New X-men in my eyes.

Magneto and Hellion was a great scene.
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There should be more than 2 issues. I loved every story.

I was a bit shocked there were Havok and Magik stories.

There was lots of set up for future stories. Magik wanting her soul back, what happens to Havok and the others, & Forge's new design.

I also liked the opening story with Beasr. Very nice.

There is a lot of dangerous tech that needs to be taken care of.
Indeed, all the stories were great.

The Beast story by Mike Carey and Scot Eaton was incredible. Mike really showed how much he cares for Beast and how well he knows and writes him. I hope Mike and Scot are teamed up for a good long time, they make a great team together.

I can't wait to see where the Magik story will be picked up, I really wanna know more as the story was nicely done.

The Havok story made me feel bad for him, and I can't wait to see him kick Vulcan's *** someway later on. I wonder when/where we'll see them pop up again.

The Surge story was cool. Not too much in liking of the art, but it wasn't bad, really. Makes me think where Surge went after this, assuming this story takes place before Young X-Men.

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