X-Men/Fantastic Four


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Jun 11, 2004
Bay Area
Just picked it up. I freaking love it. This dude got right to the point of the story. Big fight scene in the first issue. I cant wait to read the next issues. Any comments?
I thought about it but will probably just pick up the trade.
I loved this. It was great to read this issue. I mean, the art was friggin' aweome!!! The story is cool and it's just a great read! :D
Has anyone else gotten issue #2? Is anyone at all getting this mini?

The art is phenomanolly great. Love Pat Lee's work. The issue was great, and the ending was just...wo!

Definetly a mini people should consider in getting. Only 5 parts, and it's $3.50 cuz it's cardstock cover.

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