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Obviously I will see what this is all about. Whatever it is all about.



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Man. It's about time X-Men and X-Men: First Class had a crossover story!

bluebeast said:
They had to put Wolverine on the cover? They couldn't just put Beast?

The fact that Deadpool isn't there shows tremendous self-restraint on Marvel's part.


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Look at Xavier. That sure isn't the Prof. X of now.
I'm betting this is the X-Men team created in Uncanny X-Men.


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Preview pages from Giant Size X-Men #1.

I wonder who's got writing duties?
Christopher Yost.

So here is what it's actually all about:

" Starting in X-Men Giant-Size #1 and continuing in June’s X-Men #12, Xavier’s first class arrives in the future to combat an enemy that neither they nor their current counterparts can remember! The Evolutionaries are coming and their rampage through the Marvel Universe will push the X-Men to their limits. This May two generations of X-Men give it their all, but will it be enough? Find out as the next great X-Men arc begins in X-Men Giant-Size #1!"

So that throws my previous thoughts out the window. Still, should be interesting.
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