X-Men: Original Sin Crossover (Legacy/Origins) (Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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So we've had the Prologue (Wolverine: Origins #28.) and Part 1 (Original Sin one-shot).

It's actually been pretty good. The Prologue wasn't anything special, but decent. But when it came to the one-shot, things got better. Hell, Way wrote better than he has in the past, and hopefully it's due to Carey being on board.

And now just like Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine was originally sent to kill Xavier. Hmm.
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I really enjoyed the one-shot.

I think Daken can be salvaged and Way can become a better writer. He has the potential.
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This has been O.K., I'm waiting on the next issue of XML to really judge this though, if the quality of XML takes a hit, I'll deem this a failure, an improvement in WO is a little to easy to expect.

Way's Deadpool has been quite enjoyable though
Wolverine Origins #29 (Part 3)

It was good. I figured Wolverine was smart enough to see that the HFC didn't have Daken. And seeing Xavier get mad over that fact and Wolverine still going in guns-blazing - with Wolverine then reminding him how he was no different was a good take.

It's been good seeing how Xavier went on with his "noble" intentions in the past. I'm sure this is influenced by the early talks of Ultimate Xavier being more "evil" in his good intentions. Hell, they made 616 Logan also being recruited to kill this Xavier, too.

Like I said, good so far. Way seems to be learning a thing or two from Carey, so this crossover is having other positive effects.

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