X-Men (Vol. 3) (Gischler/Medina)


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The new series is out today with CURSE OF THE MUTANTS story with the vampires starting. First issue was pretty good with having Jubilee back again in the folds of things. Most interesting moment was with the suicide vampire. I liked that. The purpose of that was to infect others with a manufactured virus it had within him, which of course infected everyone near by, including Jubilee.

Paco Medina's art was nice. For a moment I almost thought it was Cheung; it seemed to have a "Cheung vibe" to it. Still, great work all around, looking forward to more.


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Continuing where The Death of Dracula oneshot left off, the vampires have started enacting their plan to exert dominion over humans. For some reason they need the X-Men, which is why they infect Jubilee with vampire suicide bomber dressed as a gimp. Cyclops sends Wolverine, Angel, and Pixie to figure out what is going on, and they discover a vampire armory. Cyke figures they need to put the bloodsuckers down before **** gets real.

It's mostly set up, but Wolverine at least fights a vampire lady, which is fun. The tone of the book is kind of jarring compared to Second Coming, but it still is a decent read. I'm looking forward to more.

Dammit! I just made this thread too! Anyway, I like how there are different types of vampires.
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I beat you to the punch hours ago, sucker. Get it? :wink:
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i want to get into an X-Men comic book. Is this series going to be a new ongoing? Could i start from here?


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"How bad is it?" "That bad."

I think this refers to the quality of the comic.


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I didn't think it was outrageously terrible or anything, just kind of bland and uninteresting.


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Read it. Didn't care for it. Probably won't continue with it.


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Sadly, not a fan. I enjoy the art tho. Only getting it to keep my run complete.

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