Xavier's place as of UXM #21


Jul 20, 2004
I only have the first TPB, and can't find this online. Who was living at the school around UXM #21? I need to know because I'm writing something that diverges from the Ultimate canon at USM #35/UXM #21, so I need to know whose Ultimate versions I'm stuck with, and who I could get away with redoing into my own Ultimate version. :)
The children at the mansion at this time were Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Colossus, Beast (RIP, baby!), Wolverine, and, by issues end, Shadowcat. Iceman was still in the hospital at that time...
Cool. Well, that makes thing reaaal easy. This means it comes before that New Mutants arc, so not only do I not have to worry about Emma's team when I populate the school. Although ice might wanna know, I have Angel as twins. :)
They are with the Brotherhood of Mutants, though, they are not affiliated with the Quick Silver/ Scarlet Witch faction of the terrorists. While QS, SQ, and Blob (Along with the animal-evolutionaries) were trying to disable any potential threats to America, Toad, Sabertooth, Rogue, and Juggernaut were still busy being villains somewhere else, wanting nothing to do with QS, who took the leadership position.
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At one point, after UXM #21, there were about 7 people in his house. soon it grew to I think 12. But I think we have about 11 now. I think this a good number for a team. So i wont be surprised if Gambit doesnt join the team.
You should rethink that... They'll add Gambit just because he's Gambit. I think Uncanny has a larger cast than this title... Gambit won't hurt it.
How do you know they'll add Gambit? What if he turns out to help the
X-Men, but not join them? Im not saying i dont want Gambit on the team, but how can youtell he'll join?
I'm pretty sure that someone revealed that Gambit was going to join the team... I'm pretty sure that Quesada said so.