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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
I know XBOX isn't really well loved on here, but does anyone have one? If so, anyone have a gamertag?

I just got one myself, working off of my brother's XBOX 360. So far, I've played Perfect Dark Zero on XBOX Live, which is pretty fun, even with my horrible accuracy. I've also played UNO on Live, and my record so far is like 11wins and 35Losses.

My brother has a lot more games, like PGR 3, MLB Baseball 2k6 and some others, though I've only just play PDZ at the moment.
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Don't have one.

I've played on one like twice. One time at my sister's friend's house, and another at my old friend's house.

Either the X-Box has a limited amount of games, or they were both fanboys, because both times I played it was the same game: Halo.

Two of my friends have one, and they talk about Fable and Jade Empire a lot.
Never even considered getting an XBox, but TWICE now I have been in Best Buy and walking to the checkout with an XBox 360 in hand before deciding the money would be better spent elsewhere.

I'll probably get one before too long.
'Fraid not. Oddly enough....I suck at FPS.:? I can't play them for the life of me.

I don't know too many games that do the online play for games that I wanna play. The most I got into the online thing was on a friend's XBOX while playing BURNOUT3 and BURNOUT REVENGE (greatest racing game ever).

I'm getting the PS3 when it comes out later this year.....but I'm debating on getting an XBOX 360 while I'm down here. XBOX doesn't really have a whole lotta games that I'm interested in.
I have an x-Box, but not a 360. Its just too damned expensive for a system with no games screaming to be played.
I have a 360.

The only games I have for it are Dead Or Alive 4 and Kameco.

I'm waiting for more games. I'm getting Marvel Alliance for it.

I have Fable and Ninja Gaiden for normal x-box. I need to get Riddick, which was an amazing game. Leagues above the movies.