Y: The Last Man


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Dec 20, 2004
Miami, FL
Does anybody here read Y? To me it's the best thing out right now. There's no superhuman abilities or medieval dynasties or anything like that. It's about this guy Yorick who just happens to be the last man on earth. When i first picked up this book all my previous expectations of what i thought the book was about were smashed. This title is, and this is a direct quote from the home Shake of Aqua Teen fame "!!!The Shizz-Nite!!!" If you guys don't know anything about it you should go try it on and see how it fits, I'm going to pick up the new issue today.

"Holler Back"
All the talk I've heard about this - is there a trade out for it? How many issues is it up to? I may have to check it out...
Funny you guys brought this thread up...

I heard this title was ending with issue 60.

Note I didn't say cancelled they're just bringing in some closure... I'll probably pick this up somewhere down the line... I heard they were looking into making a movie out of it...
About damn time.

Y is an excellent read by none other than Brian K Vaughn, and is about a plague that wipes out every Y Chromasome on the planet except for Yorrick Brown, and his pet monkey Ampersand ( & ). So far there are 4 trades out, wich recount the first 20 or so issues, and in monthly form they're right on the verge of revealing the cause of the plague. From what I've heard it'ss going to wrap up in the 60s, as many Vertigo series do, simply with the story told and not being run on. I would deffinatly reccomend checking it out if it sounds intresting.

Haven't heard about a movie, and can't say it would really work, more of a TV series really.

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