You were warned , Dawn of the mole!


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Aug 16, 2005
I have been telling you that the day of the mole will come. Now we have our Messiah! Someone who will help us over throw the humans. Viva La Mole!

As vulnerable as naked mole rats seem, researchers now find the hairless, bucktoothed rodents are invulnerable to the pain of acid and the sting of chili peppers.

A better understanding of pain resistance in these sausage-like creatures could lead to new drugs for people with chronic pain, scientists added.

Naked mole rats live in cramped, oxygen-starved burrows some six feet underground in central East Africa. Unusually, they are cold-blooded — which, as far as anyone knows, is unique among mammals.

"They're the nicest, sweetest animals I've ever worked with — they look frightening, but they're very gentle," said neurobiologist Thomas Park at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Scientists knew the mole rats were quite sensitive to touch — perhaps to help replace their almost useless eyes. After probing their skin, Park and his colleagues unexpectedly discovered the rodents lacked the chemical Substance P, which causes the feeling of burning pain in mammals.

You're weapons are now useless be afraid , be very afraid. In the next few years your time on this earth will be over. Be happy humans , You've had a good run. But soon we will take over and we will play games like Whack-a-human.

our Messiah

Now you have no choice but to :

sausage like creatures? was the guy writing this article really really hungry at the time he wrote this?
The only thing that is useless here is a dictionary.

You will be the first to die , But not before we destroy your egg muffin maker and force you to watch :twisted:
You know it doesn't say that the acid doesn't do damage, just that they don't feel the pain. I think you might want to rethink the revolution.

Everyone just get out your giant mallets and go have a field day.

:twisted: o0(Excellent , soon the Humans will build bigger Mallets, Until they build a mallet so big it kills them all Muhahahahahaha)

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