Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series


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Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK
It starts here.

I've seen up to episode 10 and I've not seen an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh ever. I know the basic premise of the show - it's an advert for a card game of the same name. They play a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh which you can buy.

This is, as far as I can tell, someone doing an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh in 5 minutes and it's pretty damn funny. :D
I can't stand Yu-Gi-Oh.

That was just funny :lol: :lol: I love how it points out how stupid the series is , going to watch more , I just wish they hadn't been under different screen names
The original Yugioh series was EVIL... well, in Japan. They kiddified it for... well... kids, in America. They thought they thought they could market the card game to children here. So anyway, the show was heavily edited and the first season wasn't shown at all.

The new series, Yugioh GX, was made for the kids in mind.
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Dammit...i choked on my soda watching that.
I'm assuming that this is similar in structure and theme to Naruto Abridged (which ranges from gut wrenchingly hilarious to painfully unfunny)?
The worst part about Yu-Gi-Oh! is that when it premiered over here, I actually made a conscious effort to try and enjoy it and I couldn't. That's how bad it was. I actually got up at 8.00 a.m. just to watch the damn thing (I guess I was hoping that it would be a bit like a more grown-up version of PokéMon) and I couldn't find any enjoyment in it, whatsoever. My little brother got into it, but that was probably just because all the kids at school were playing it. I distinctly remember at a family reunion, he was only about six at the time and he was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! against my cousin, (who was about four years his senior) and my cousin royally kicked his *** and he never played again. :lol:
I liked Yu-Gi-Oh. It was fun.
I played it too. At my elementary school, it was basically just for the kids who didn't feel like getting into Magic: The gathering which required more smarts and money.

I didn't collect it, but I knew how to play. It was surprisingly fun once you got into it.
Oh man that's hilarious. I used to watch the show, mainly cause nothing else was on when I got home from school. Its so stupid, They repeat the plot several times in each episode.
I've seen all of these and the movie the guy did , Very funny. But did you guys hear about the controversy at the moment about it? Not that it's that intresting to most of you but the person who did them "LittleKuriboh" was banned from youtube and these were deleted for "copyright infringement"

Now correct me if I'm wrong but taking the episodes chopping them up and adding your own voice for the purpose of comedy = satire. satire = Protected against "copyright infringement".

Look at TV shows like Mtv music awards , SNL and more , Imagine if you will that each time they did one of their satire sketches they got sued or taken off the air.

Won't happen why? satire = Protected against "copyright infringement" So why is youtube cutting down this? next there will be no music videos people make put to films / shows / anime / games.

I've made my point ant thought this was interesting piece of "news" if you will. Also a big injustice and as a result I don't think they'll be any more Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series made.

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