adult swim

  1. Zombipanda

    Venture Bros. Season Four

    I was searching for a VB topic and I found it way down the list. That's a tragedy. This show is so good, there should be a stickied post so it's always at the top of the forum. Apparently there's a thread devoted to season three but not to the show in general, so I figured it's time for a...
  2. Dr.Strangefate

    The Venture Bros. Season Three

    I went to hunt down the old Venture Brothers Thread, only to realize that it was just a Season Two discussion thread.... The first episode of the third season is available on Adult Swim's Website, or will air on sunday for those of you with lame internet capabilities. It's not an actiony...
  3. ultimatedjf

    Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

    moony, you watch this show, right? Well I saw if for the first time last night and loved it. Here were my favorite clips: David Cross EXRyA_Kfy8s and John C. Reilly kWWN4G3GqZ4
  4. M

    Saul of the Mole Men Questions

    Hello. I haven't reallt followed the show closely on Adult Swim, but what is the purpose of Saul collecting the "special rocks/gems"? What language do the mole people write in? Why is Johnny Tamborine in a tube-he was in a tube since the first episode. Have they ever explained why...
  5. Random

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie That's right, coming to theaters is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie
  6. Iceshadow

    Bleach on [adult swim]

    Bleach is almost here! Click the link for the [adult swim] site, where you can watch the promo, opening, and ending sequences. Gets the stains right out! Bleach starts this Saturday on [adult swim] at 12:30 (11:30 Central). For the Canadians here it starts on Friday at 10:30 (I think). I...
  7. Victor Von Doom

    Adult Swim Randomness

    Maybe it's just me....but has anyone else noticed the totally random 80s cartoons that Cartoon Network is playing late at night? I few weeks ago I caught them playing Gary Coleman's old cartoon...and just the other morning I woke up to find Chuck Norris's Karate Kommandos playing. What's...
  8. ultimatedjf

    Robot Chicken

    What a sweet show. I have the Season 1 DVD, and it is worth every dollar. Some of my favorites (so far): -Noah's Arc -Senor Clean -Jesus' "Boo!" -Walt Disney's head -Voltron dance off -many, many more.....
  9. ProjectX2

    [adult swim]

    Just thought we could have a thread on this... I don't watch much of it, but do want to watch more. I used to watch the anime on it, and sometimes saw Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and the Brak Show. Just found out that where I live, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Sealab 2021 are on at like...