Saul of the Mole Men Questions


Apr 18, 2007
Hello. I haven't reallt followed the show closely on Adult Swim, but what is the purpose of Saul collecting the "special rocks/gems"?

What language do the mole people write in?

Why is Johnny Tamborine in a tube-he was in a tube since the first episode.

Have they ever explained why Strata was on an expedition to the center of the Earth?
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Who cares? This show is a waste of time. Adult swim has some great shows and some shows which make you think "why?". This is one of the shows that makes you think "why?"

Sorry, but I personally don't understand why anyone would try to make a whole ongoing TV series that's a parody of old Sid & Marty Krofft crap. The only time anything of the sort has been worth a damn was when Mr. Show did "The Altered State of Drugachussetts". That was hilarious.
I got a Saul of the Mole Men question:

Why is this **** on the air?
Maverick, stop posting these questions all over the place. Make a thread that's just for your questions. IF you keep spamming the boards like this, people will get more and more violent in there responses.

Just make one thread with your questions.

The adult swim thread is here

But I suggest the mods just combine all his threads into one question thread.
I believe Mavericker is more than one person or he/she is schizophrenic. All of the questions, plus the fact that he'll often quote himself and then talk as if he's another person.

Let's make a Mavericker thread.
This show can have its own thread. There's no rule against that it can't have its own thread because there's an adult swim thread.

Now, on to the point of just asking questions and not being used for discussion purposes, then (and only then) should it be in a thread like the adult swim thread.

One final point:

This show is ****ing retarted.

That is all.
I would watch this show based on the name alone.
I have no idea what this show is about but if it doesn't star Hans Moleman then it fails at life.


...I like Saul of the Molemen...
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Grant Morrison wrote the Bible.

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