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Jun 16, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie

That's right, coming to theaters is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie said:
The series, if you've never stayed up until 3:30am, follows the adventures of an anthropomorphic fast-food combo meal - a shake (Master Shake), fries (Frylock) and beef (Meatwad). The film, written, produced and directed by co-creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, will center on the origins of the characters and an "immortal piece of exercise equipment" that threatens galactic peace. ATHF, which has apparently been in production, will release in March on approximately 800 screens. Bruce Campbell and Neal Peart of prog-rock band Rush will provide voices in addition to the original cast members.
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is best in small doses, but this movie looks great.
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is best in small doses, but this movie looks great.
thats why the show is only what ten minutes long.

OMG, i just started watching this show and it has really grown on me, meatwad is hilarious

i might rent this when it's out on DVD

that trailer was funny
Theis showing this on Adult Swim right now, I wonder why they would do this before showing it in theater... now I see why.
At first I thought, "dammit, I forgot it was on!", and then I turned on the tv.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: X 1000000

Now this is the Greatest April Fool's Day Joke ever.

:rockon: :rockon:!!!I SAW IT TODAY AND!!! :rockon: :rockon:
:rockon: :rockon: !!!IT ****ING ROCKED!!! :rockon: :rockon:

It was great.

Everyone shows up, The Plutonians, The Mooninites, MC Pee Pants, The Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future Chicken Robot.

We figure out the true origin of the Aqua Teens...Kind of...Sort of...Well, not really. (
Their father is a watermelon named Walter Melon. And there mother is a four-layer bean burrito.

Bruce Campbell plays the long lost, fourth Aqua Teen:
Chicken Bill, the delicious chicken nugget. He was eaten by a lion in Africa.

Space Ghost makes a brief cameo...Where he is impaled by a missile and blown up.

Meatwad turns himself into a giant meat monster and Carl gets totally pumped thanks to the Insanoflex exercise machine, which is also a murderous robot.

And there's an appearance by Time-Travelling Abraham Lincoln.

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The movie opened to just $1.4 million at the box office yesterday. It will probably earn about $4 million in total for the weekend. Be aware though that this is pretty much exactly what everyone predicted this to make, so it's not a bomb in any sense of the word; I'm almost positive it's budget will be earned back in a week or two, if it hasn't been already.
I don't think I've ever read the word "excruciating" in so many RottenTomatoes reviews for one film.:wink:

But how many of those critics are fans of the original material?

A movie like this is targeted not to the main public---but rabid fans of the show. It is what it is.

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