bill willingham

  1. ProjectX2

    Justice Society of America discussion [Willingham/Sturges] (#29+; spoilers)

    New creative team, new thread. So... not a good start. Johns turned JSA into the greatest written team in comics and it was one of my favourite titles. I've never really liked anything Willingham has done outside of Fables and Sturges... well... :? There was a lot of exposition. We learn...
  2. Ice

    Fables TV show!

    CBR reports: The news is in from the Hollywood Reporter -- "Six Degrees" creators/executive producers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner are penning the script for an hour long drama set at Warner Bros. TV based on the Bill Willingham-fueled Vertigo property. David Semel has come on board to...
  3. Friday

    Fables/Jack of Fables - Tradewaiters - Spoilers

    This is for the tradewaiters of Fables or Jack of Fables. I picked up The Good Prince a few weeks ago and made sure I re-read the series up to that point. As always I caught some bits that I had missed before, like just how Frau Totenkinder gets her power in the mundy world. Not sure how I...
  4. compound

    Fables series discussion (spoilers)

    I haven't read the "Homelands" arc, as well as the latest issue, but I know what happens, and I've already been spoiled about the major revelations. What i'm curious about is how exactly Sinbad and the Arabian Fables end up in the Mundy world. Did they escape with Boy Blue? Why did they only...