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CBR reports:

The news is in from the Hollywood Reporter -- "Six Degrees" creators/executive producers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner are penning the script for an hour long drama set at Warner Bros. TV based on the Bill Willingham-fueled Vertigo property. David Semel has come on board to direct the property which revolves around characters from fairy tales and folklore living in exile in modern-day New York.

"Their lives become interconnected in vary big way," Zicherman said. "They share a secret and a bond."


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Fables has lots of potential as a serialised story on television though I don't really have much faith in this. I believe it would work better as a set of 6 to 12 episode seasons on HBO or something. Each episode would be based on half a volume of Fables. So basically the 12 episode first season would end with the revelation of The Adversary in the Homelands story.

And didn't someone mention the writers of Elektra are writing this? This makes me even more wary. :(


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And didn't someone mention the writers of Elektra are writing this? This makes me even more wary. :(

Dancanread pointed that out in the Fables thread. I said it'll be okay as long as they copy and paste most of the story, however I am a bit worried about the cgi/makeup quality for all non humans and Bigby's wolf form.
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HBO SchmaichBO.

It could just as well be a 13 episode per season series on Showtime or FX.


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This is cool. Just happens to be the comic I'm getting the boys at work to read. Can't wait to tell them the news tonight.


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Hell, the premise is so hard to **** up. I'll give it a shot. Not like theres anything worth watching on TV anymore.


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Ign weighs in with their opinion on this. I think they cover most bases on why this show won't work, but their ideas to make it work are horrible. Dawson's Creek on the farm would make me gouge my eyes out. As a side note, to prevent the show from catching up with the comic you could easily pad it out with "filler" like stories from Jack of Fables, 1001 Nights of Snowfall, or just make up espionage stories for Cindy, or have stories on various character's treks from the homelands.

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