Justice Society of America discussion [Willingham/Sturges] (#29+; spoilers)


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Sep 15, 2004
New creative team, new thread.

So... not a good start. Johns turned JSA into the greatest written team in comics and it was one of my favourite titles. I've never really liked anything Willingham has done outside of Fables and Sturges... well... :?

There was a lot of exposition. We learn that Obsidian is that black egg thing, King Chimera is the new kid and Mr. America has a teen sidekick. And then the whole team go and fight a bunch of lame villains who seem to have been trained to fight them, except Stargirl, who they all avoid.

And then Mr. America's sidekick is controlled and attacks Mr. Terrific, seemingly killing him. :(

Disappointing. I hope it gets a lot better.
Ugh. I was not looking forward to reading that kind of review. :(

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