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  1. Ice

    Avengers Age of Ultron (Bendis/Hitch) (spoilers)

    Marvel Issues Binary Teaser of New/Old BENDIS Project "Age of Ultron" That's what this new teaser image from Marvel Comics says in binary code, the native language of computers, and sentient homicidal robots, of course. Bendis teased the teaser on twitter, showing his enthusiasm for...
  2. E

    Fantastic Four Annual #32 [spoilers]

    Did anyone else read this? I can't tell if it was brilliant or ridiculous, but to me that makes for a good Fantastic 4 story. Basically, the story is about what might happen if Johnny ever got a girl pregnant. Here's a summary, but it's waaaay oversimplified and sells the story short, so if you...
  3. ProjectX2

    Should Millar/Hitch have taken over Astonishing X-Men?

    Before they were going to do a run on Fantastic Four, Millar was originally going to revamp the X-Men with Hitch and some other artists. According to Hitch, the two are still talking about doing it when they've got some free time in their schedule. Let's imagine that they originally take over...
  4. ProjectX2

    Avengers Captain America: Reborn (Brubaker/Hitch) MAJOR SPOILERS

    Rumour has it that Ed Brubaker's secret project is a 5 issue mini series called Reborn drawn by Bryan Hitch, inked by Butch Guice and covers by John Cassaday. It is probably the source behind those recent star teasers in Marvel Comics and may involve the return of Captain America...
  5. Ice

    Fantastic Four #554-569 (Millar/Hitch) discussion (Spoilers!) Brought to you by Newsarama! It may be the one of the most anticipated new projects from a creative grouping since the Police reunited for their new concert tour, or Ben & Jerry created Chocolate Chop Cookie Dough... The...
  6. Friday

    Miller/Hitch on Superman

    So in this months Wizard theres an interview with Miller and Hitch where they say that they want to do Superman. Now I know that Miller was involved in the "Superman 2000" project from a few years ago, and from the sounds of it he wants to try that again, a near complete reboot with the basic...
  7. ProjectX2

    The Authority

    I've talked to many people on the site, but I don't think any of them have read it. Has anyone on the site read it? And if so, did they like it?