Should Millar/Hitch have taken over Astonishing X-Men?

Should Millar/Hitch have taken over Astonishing X-Men?

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Before they were going to do a run on Fantastic Four, Millar was originally going to revamp the X-Men with Hitch and some other artists. According to Hitch, the two are still talking about doing it when they've got some free time in their schedule.

Let's imagine that they originally take over Astonishing X-Men after Whedon/Cassaday finish their run. Would you read it?

I find the current Ellis/Bianchi/Jiminez/whoever the hell is drawing it run to be very dull and quite disappointing. I think I would have preferred to read Millar/Hitch's run instead.

Would you?

Fun side question - do you want to see them take over an X-Men comic now? Or should they just move on to something else?


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I would actually read an X-Men comic with them on it. So, yes.

Although I don't really have a problem with the current Astonishing other than that the schedule seems off.


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I agree that Ellis/Simone team has been disappointing, besides the issues coming out once a decade.

But yeah, Millar/Hitch would have been awesome if they took over AXM. They should have definitely done so.

Maybe it could still happen after Ellis finishes his run.

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