Fantastic Four Annual #32 [spoilers]


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May 17, 2004
Did anyone else read this? I can't tell if it was brilliant or ridiculous, but to me that makes for a good Fantastic 4 story.

Basically, the story is about what might happen if Johnny ever got a girl pregnant. Here's a summary, but it's waaaay oversimplified and sells the story short, so if you have any interest whatsoever in the concept, read the issue instead of the summary.

A girl comes to the Fantastic 4 saying she is pregnant by Johnny. Reed shrinks down to go in (yeah) and get a DNA sample form the baby, while Johnny and Ben go back to the club where Johnny met this girl with a time machine thingee that lets them see what happened in the past (can't remember the name but they've used one before). Turns out Johnny never got busy with the chick - tiny robots went into his body, stole some of his mojo, and impregnated the girl. :lol:

It is revealed that the whole thing was orchestrated by Psycho-Woman (Psycho-Man's daughter) because she wanted to get hold of a Fantastic Four baby. The girl goes back in time to prevent the pregnancy from ever happening.

The couple of reviews I read weren't very kind but it wasn't too bad. It was very Fantastic Four-y and I did like that.
I pretty much agree with your assessment, it was weird, but that's a good thing in a Fantastic Four story. Did you check out the Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1?
What was wrong with a simple DNA test?

What Iceshadow said - and Reed DID do a DNA test which was positive. But Johnny didn't remember anything about her and they needed to figure out what happened.

And I didn't read the Spidey/FF story yet.
I'm pretty sure it was Sue who went in first, though they all ended up in Johnny, which is were Pysch Woman was hiding.

I'm telling you, it's Fantastic.

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