1. U

    Clip of Spider-Man teaming up with Spider-Woman in her old show. Classic Stuff!

  2. T

    Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon

    What has a better take on a modernized Spider-Man mythos, Ultimate Spider-Man or the specular spider-man cartoon? Which one does a better job of handling Spidey his supporting cast, his villains, etc.
  3. Ice

    New Avengers Animated Series

    Avengers Animated Series Heads to TV Further strengthening its robust animation slate, Marvel Animation, a division of Marvel Entertainment, announced today the production of an all new animated series, THE AVENGERS: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Production on 26 half-hour episodes is already...
  4. Random

    Internet Cartoons

    This is a topic for discussion of kick *** animated cartoons on the internet. Some of my favorite series are: College University Tomarrow's Nobodies Waterman Apartment 51 I am officially in love with the Waterman show, it was always funny but he is now making a 90 minute movies...
  5. DIrishB


    Does anyone remember the show Gargoyles? It was on TV in the mid-1990's, an animated show done by Disney, and was actually a really good show. It was about a group of Scottish Gargoyles (hence the name) from the late 900's AD who have a spell cast on them to sleep for a thousand years...