1. T

    Best and worst deaths in a comic book movie

    What are the best and worst deaths in a comic book movie? I think Ben Parker's death was handled well. I think Cyclops' death was pretty bad, he died off screen.
  2. Grocer Man

    Would Thanos Hit That?

    Would! (would!) thanos! (thanos!) hit that! (hit that!)
  3. Void.M

    1000 ways to die

    Have you guys seen this show? It's awesome. It shows you stupid people doing stupid **** and dying. Natural selection on TV basically. Though some deaths are the vistims being really unlucky(like the woman who had a fish stuck in her mouth) Most are about people lacking common sense...
  4. Joe Kalicki

    Celebrity Deaths (updated weekly)

    Huh. That was an interesting life. Can't wait for the TV movie.
  5. thee great one

    Death - The High Cost Of Living *Spoilers*

    I picked this up at a local bookstore today cause it looked good and Neil Gaiman is an awesome writer. It follows what I guess is a Sandman charcter who is Death. As in the grim reaper. But she is a sweet carefree girl. I loved this. It was a great little story about death spending a day as a...