1. Ice

    X-Men TV Series

    X-Men TV series confirmed in the works at FOX “We’re in negotiations with Marvel,” Walden revealed to the press. “We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to announce something soon. It’s something we’re definitely pursuing.” Walden also clarified that an X-Men TV show, which he described as a...
  2. Ice

    Deadpool movie rumors/news discussion.

    Official suit and logo for the movie revealed.
  3. Ice

    Which new comic book show are you looking forward to?

    Plenty of TV new comic book shows coming next TV season. Which one are you looking forward to? You can choose for more than just one show. Gotham, FOX iZombie, The CW Flash, The CW Constantine, NBC Agent Carter, ABC
  4. Void.M

    Deadpool Movie thread
  5. Zombipanda

    FOX News

    I haven't gotten to sleep tonight. Why? This is why. It's a bizarre mix of the lamest things ever. Glenn Beck twitters away, generally acting like a *****, rolling out his schtick like he's performing a guest spot on Law and Order, and cries. Yeah. Cries. At least three times. It's so over...
  6. SSJmole

    Fantastic Four Reboot

    Taken from Thank god. Your thoughts?
  7. ProjectX2

    Fringe (Spoilers)

    Fringe is the new creation from JJ Abrams. It's about an FBI agent, a mad scientist and his son investigating weird paranormal events. I guess it's like an updated version of X-Files, and it seems like it's going to be the new Lost. The trailer is here. It should be good.
  8. SSJmole

    Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Cast Richard T. Jones - Agent James Ellison Thomas Dekker - John Connor Lena Headey - Sarah Connor Summer Glau - Cameron This sounds cool. It starts January 1, 2008 on Fox in usa. I loved the terminator films so I'm hoping this is as god as them
  9. Ice

    Drive (FOX)

    Drive is a new FOX show coming soon starting Nathan Fillion, for all those Fillion fans out there. Here's a quick description of the show: No date as to when it starts yet, but I'm guessing it'll probably be around March or so.
  10. TheManWithoutFear

    House MD Discussion

    Why do I keep thinking there's a thread for this? Anyone watch it with Livingston guest starring. Pretty good it's amazing how I still care about the same plot every single time. They're bound to run out of diseases and medical problems right? The final scene with House acting like a...
  11. Ice

    Family Guy Discussion (Spoilers)

    So tomorrow at 9 p.m., the new season of Family Guy begins. And to kick things off, here's a clip from tomorrow show: Click here for clip from Yahoo! Tv And there's another one on the official site:
  12. TheManWithoutFear

    Prison Break *Spoilers*

    Who watches it? How great is it? I'm watching the encore right now. The guy's tattoo is genius. This is like Vol. 2 of Oz. Awesome.
  13. moonmaster

    Arrested Development

    Does anybody else love this show? The Season finale was on Sunday.
  14. Ice

    24- The Bauer Power Hour series discussion (spoilers)

    OK, so who else is a fan of this show? I have been watching it since season1, and only missed JUST ONE episode last season. The only one I missed out of the whole time I've been watching 24. But I love this show soooo much! The drama and plot twists are awesome, and they always have you (at...