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  1. Captain Canuck

    Osborn There's also a rather long article about the series on
  2. Victor Von Doom

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Death of a Goblin (#112-117) (Spoilers)

    Anyways.....#112 was good. Pretty good. Not really good. But better than average good. But then again most first issues to a new arc are like that. Synopsis So we open with a car chase. The Shocker has a partner or wheelman if you will. For a brief moment it looks as if they're...
  3. E

    Spider-Man Sins Past: brilliant or despicable? (spoilers, of course)

    I was rereading Sins Past yesterday and reveling it it's brilliance (one of the few JMS AMS stories I've really liked), and I was wondering who else thought it was brilliant? Who hated it and thinks it's crap? I loved it first of all because it was a compelling story that fits in perfectly...