greg land

  1. E

    Avengers Iron Man by Gillen/Land (spoilers)

    Kind of dug this, even though I don't care for Greg Land's posed tracings (particularly his surprised women). The one thing I noticed about this is that Tony behaves more like the cocky millionaire that Robert Downey Jr. portrays in the movies. I like that take a lot better than how Matt...
  2. ProjectX2

    Uncanny X-Men series discussion (Spoilers!)

    The latest issue of Uncanny was a vast improvement over the dull first arc. We have Colossus encountering some evil person from his past, Emma taking a trip through Scott's mind and encountering his mysterious black box, and Beast and Angel meeting up with Mr. Nemesis, the supposedly co-creator...
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    Ultimate Power series discussion [spoilers]

    Uh... Been there, done that. 1/5 They fight the serpent squad. Ben's feelings are hurt. Reed is frustrated he can't cure Ben. Reed asks SHIELD to donate money to explore dimensions via probes. Fury asks if it's about Ben again and tells him the answer is no (makes references to...
  4. E

    I've changed my mind about Stuart Immonen... I think he's great and I really like his style. At first I thought it was just because I really like Nextwave, but I realized that I like his Ultimate X-Men stuff now too. Except for when he made Wolverine look like Michael Jackson, but I can excuse that.
  5. J

    Phoenix: Endsong discussion [Pak/Land] [spoilers] Am I the only one who's psyched about the potential return of the Stepford Cuckoos to the limelight, even if it does mean Quentin is back from the dead? I wonder Sophie coming back would herald the return of... Esme? Was that the other...
  6. Caduceus

    Uncanny X-men Thread (spoilers)

    Alright. Someone posted a new batch of full issue previews (whoever it was thanks) that included Phoenix Endsong 2 and a couple of very interesting others. One of those others was Uncanny xmen whatever number it is now. Since I haven't heard anything specific about this issue i was...