Uncanny X-men Thread (spoilers)


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Sep 6, 2004
Alright. Someone posted a new batch of full issue previews (whoever it was thanks) that included Phoenix Endsong 2 and a couple of very interesting others.

One of those others was Uncanny xmen whatever number it is now. Since I haven't heard anything specific about this issue i was actually surprised to learn that our dear Psylocke is back from the dead. Yep. She's aint karked it. She's vamped up too, here TK is past that of Marvel Girl who can't get through her shields. So any theories on where she's been?
Damn ya beat me to the punch. I don't have any theories from where she has been, but I wanna know is how is this going to affect Archangel? I know by the time she comes back, he's gonna be in Genosha, but he's gonna find out somewow, right? I mean, this was his love before she died.
I posted a thread, not knowing this one was up! Cripes... Looks like you beat me,too!

I am wondering just why she's back... Now.
Me too. But when I read the preview, I read the name "Vargas". I remember someone saying that he had killed her in X-TREME X-MEN.
Yeah, would he have something to do with it? I don't mean to be rude, but that comment kind of came outta left field, mein fruend. ;)
No-one really knows about Vargas yet. I'l explain properly if i get more time.
Ok now i've got time.

First appearance X-treme X-men #2. The X-treme X-men, captured by the Guardia Civil in Spain are escaping from their holding facility. Rogue who remained free broke in and finds a lab full of slaughtered technicians. This leads her to Vargas who challenges her with his sword. Rogue is defeated. Just before, Beast and Psylocke arrive. Beast attacks Vargas as Psylocke ushers out survivors. Beast is beaten to the point of death. Psylocke fights but is defeated and stabbed through the gut. She and Beast are arranged like Madonna and Child. The word Pronto is written in Psylocke's blood on the wall.

in XXM 3, the X-men hunt Vargas but find no sign. Sage saves Beast and reveals that Vargas is neither mutant nor baseline but is still human. She remarks on his resemblance to the Xavier protocols.

Next during the Invasion arc (i forget the numbers), Vargas possesses one of the gems from the Madripoor set which Gambit nicks off with. After the portal is opened, Vargas appears on Madripoor and starts picking fights with Rogue. She is busy so ignores him and, wehn trying to rescue Gambit, gets stuck in a forcefield. Vargas finds them and impales them together. He also fights Shai'tan in the guise of Storm and wins. When he tries to leave, he finds Rogue awake and in full control of her powers and she beats him up. It is left unclear and then later implied that she did not kill him.

He later appeared as the butler type person at the X-Mansion in X-men: The End. Despite this non-canon status, it was a valid future AT THAT POINT IN TIME so Vargas is meant to be alive.

Basically, no-one knows what he is or anyhting about him. Nor do they know anyhting about his offsiders, the twins Thais and Thaiis.
So, we don't know where he is? Do you think he never really killed her at all, just beat her to "almost" death like Beast?
Oh no, she was gutted like a fish. Then, they did an Autopsy. Then they put her in a casket (with the X-men watching) and she was taken by Brian and Meggan.

Three things come from this.

1) the Rose Thunderbird put in her casket was later left by Vargas when he stole on of Destiny's Diaries. So he was in her casket after Brian and Meggan took it

2) There was something seriously funky happening with Brian and Meggan and possibly Jamie Braddock in the first post-reload arc of Uncanny where they fought the Fury. There were hints the house was not what it seemed and so on.

3) As Psylocke mentions in this issue, there was the scene somewhere in XXM 5 or so where Bishop went into Dreamtime and was met by Psylocke. As she left, the light behind her became a skull or something equally sinister. Something was meant to have happened but it was never mentioned in X-treme again as Psylocke reminds Bishop in this issue.
So, do you think Jamie Braddock and Vargas are going to team up on this one? I don't know much about the stuff going on in 616 with these characters, but it's an option, isn't it?
Well, in the GUESS WHO'S BACK IN TOWN two-part arc, Rachel did see a glimpse of Jamie, but she thinks she was just seeing things.
I would be very surprised if they teamed up. I´m suggesting them as alternate possibilities-i.e it was Jamie that brought her back with his reality warping powers (Very real possibility) OR it was VArgas that brought her back. how...we don´t know
We don´t know. We don´t know anything about Vargas really other than the fact that he´s not baseline human and not mutant. Thats pretty much it. We don´t know what he can do so its up to the writer who does what. But i´m leaning away from Vargas and more towards Jaime Braddock.
Ugh...it's amazing that the human race didn't die out back then, that mankind was actually able to keep procreating after seeing something like that.
Yeah, so I don't get why Rachel's face is messed up, but the art looks good...

Why'd they put Psylocke in that costume?