harry potter

  1. moonmaster

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Not a thread for this already? Well here's some hilarious news... Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are poised to shock fans by going nude and enjoying a 'very sexy' love scene in the final two-part finale of JK Rowling's wizardry series. They be goin for dem Twilight...
  2. Grocer Man

    A Very Potter Musical

    Some drama students at the university of Michigan put together a Harry Potter musical. It's got stuff like the epic bromance of Voldemort and Quirrell, Dumbledore's obsession with a Zac Efron poster, and Malfoy trying to transfer to another wizard school. On Mars. So yeah, it doesn't take...
  3. Dr.Strangefate

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Holy. ****ing. ****. This Trailer looks amazing. I was planning to see this, but I wasn't excited about this until right this minute. Check it out.
  4. Bass

    Too Cool for School? (Hogwarts that is!)

    The link involves MUCH SWEARING and thus shouldn't be for kids. However, that's like saying the gingerbread house isn't for kids. They'll be drawn to it. Anyway... it's VERY FUNNY. Too cool and too awesome to be seen reading Harry Potter?
  5. Goodwill

    Harry Potter Discussion (spoilers)

    Before I get into it, I looked through all of the pages in the General Discussion board and could not find either of the threads we had started for Harry Potter before... But, now that I've got a little bit of information about the series, particularly the seventh book, I thought I might...