Too Cool for School? (Hogwarts that is!)


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The link involves MUCH SWEARING and thus shouldn't be for kids. However, that's like saying the gingerbread house isn't for kids. They'll be drawn to it.

Anyway... it's VERY FUNNY.

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Lithium posted these in the Harry Potter thread like a week ago, and I seemed to be the only one he realized how unbelievably hilarious they were.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing.


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I'm not a fan of Harry Potter (but HaWii Potter & The Goblet of Fire looks like a great game), so I wouldn't have seen it in the thread.

So shut it, all of you!

Let us laugh at the ensuing hilarity of said linkageness.


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I'm glad this link still works because when this was first posted my friend and I nearly had a ****ing seizure laughing.

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