Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

See the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow Part 1 trailer. See it while you can. It has been taken off of a few sites already.

I was kind of hoping they'd give the two movies two different names. Like Have the final one be called Harry Potter and The End. or something
You weirdos and your movie titles. :?
The Potter titles are kind of huge iconic deals to the fanbase in their own right.... making up a new one for one of the movies would be very weird.

BAH! Silly fans.

If it was me directing, I would make the most off the wall, absurd, completly nothing to do with Harry Potter film and have it be 3 hours of Ron Weasley hitting on girls.....call it Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows....and when studio execs make the :? face----I just say "Screw it...the fans got 6 other good films they can watch."
New Trailer.

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The first part is in November.

Honestly, the opening weekend is going to be a nightmare. It'll be facing off with Megamind, Despicable Me, and Disney's Rapunzel film. One of those movies is going to bite the dust.

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