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    Hawkeye Relaunch (Lemire/Perez) Discussion/Spoilers

    Lemire & Perez Take Aim on "Hawkeye"
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    Avengers New Hawkeye ongoing (Fraction/Aja)

    C2E2 2012: FRACTION & AJA LET FLY WITH NEW HAWKEYE SOLO SERIES Today during Marvel’s Cup o’ Joe panel at Chicago’s C2E2, the publisher announced a new ongoing series for the character they’re calling the breakout star of Marvel’s The Avengers. Matt Fraction and David Aja, who previously...
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    Avengers New Avengers: The Reunion

    Announced at the Dublin Comic Con, now Comic Book Resources previews the cover for the one-shot. “As you saw in ‘Secret Invasion’ #8, Mockingbird is back and reunited with Clint - and looking awesome in this cover by the incomparable Jo Chen,” Jim McCann told CBR News. “ Before you can ask...