1. E

    Hellboy (spoilers)

    I had heard that they were ending publication but I didn't know they planned on Is that what happened?
  2. the watcher

    Hellboy II: The Golden Army discussion (Spoilers!)

    Has any one seen this besides me?... Well anyways, over all this was a good movie. It's not up to Iron Man standers. But still a good summer movie. Hellboy seemed a little looser. A little more fun loving than he was in the last movie. And this movie had a lot more humor to it too. I loved...
  3. Victor Von Doom

    Hellboy: Animated

    The site for the animated version is now up. HellBoy Not much to it...but it looks interesting nonetheless. The trailer looked pretty cool though. I liked how they got the people from the film to do the voices for this. The animation looks a lot like a mix between X-Men: Evolution and...