1. C

    Favourite Venom adaptation

    What is your favorite adaptation of Venom? Why?
  2. C

    Black Canary Comics Recommendations

    What Black Canary comics do you recommend I read?
  3. Captain Canuck

    Heroes: Reborn Miniseries

    This deserves it's own thread, I guess… Heroes: Reborn
  4. AnTwan

    Heroes Season 3 (Spoilers)

    How are we not talking about this heart stopping, neck breaking, nut kicking premier. It was in-****ing-credible. I still can't even think. My brain is literally soup.
  5. E

    A question re: Heroes reruns (NO SPOILERS OR I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP)

    Does anyone know if they plan on rerunning the 11 episodes of Heroes Season 2? I haven't seen any of them yet but I have them recorded on Tivo...If I can record or watch them in HD instead I'd rather do that.
  6. Random

    Jack Bauer vs. Noah Bennet: Who's More Badass?

    Jack Bauer or Noah Bennett Who is more Bad ***? It's clearly Jack Bauer, when I get time I'll cite his bad *** resume
  7. Hellsbuttmonkey

    The Noah Bennet Thread

    He deserves his own thread. Noah Bennet, International Man of Awesome. This man, dare I say, is as awesome as the Almighty Himself. Yes, as awesome as Bass. Children fear the Boogeyman in their closet. The Boogeyman fears Chuck Norris in his closet. Noah Bennet fears no man for he...
  8. SSJmole

    Heroes seasons 1 & 2 series discussion [spoilers]

    Sounds very promising. I hope it comes to the uk. If not i'll have to buy it on dvd from usa. For the americans on here it starts January 1, 2007 on NBC