1. E

    Mythos (Paul Jenkins/Paolo Rivera)

    I picked up the Mythos: Spider-Man book today, went to post about it, and found out there is no Mythos thread...I could have sworn there was. I really enjoy these books...I wish they would spin a whole universe out of these titles. They are better than the Ultimate books, and I think they...
  2. Dancanread

    World War Hulk discussion

    Um...yeah. I can't believe I'm the first to actually start one. Maybe everyone's burnt out on big events? Or something else, that i'll get to in a minute. Anyway, no arguing about the social ramifications of a super hero law here. This hits the ground running within the first few pages...
  3. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Avengers movie discussion (news/etc.)

    Linky Poo Poo At the Marvel Movies Panel:
  4. TheManWithoutFear

    The Incredible Hulk general Series discussion (Spoilers)

    Another one E missed. But I've been hearing rumblings over the net that next summer's event is going to deal with the big green and it's call "Planet Hulk". Anyone with any information on this?