1. E

    Indestructible Hulk by Waid & Yu (spoilers)

    I'm crying tears of joy, here. A while back I posted a short piece here titled Marvel needs to reboot and fix The Hulk. I feel like someone read that and took it to heart. This is EXACTLY how Bruce Banner and Hulk should be handled. They haven't gotten Hulk right in YEARS and they finally did...
  2. T

    What would you want to see in another Hulk movie?

    What would you want to see in another Hulk movie? Should Bruce Banner be played by Mark Ruffalo or someone else? Who should be the villain? Should the movie be a reboot or a sequel to the last movie?
  3. Ice

    Marvel's "5 Ronin" (Peter Milligan)

    MARVEL'S NEXT BIG THING: "5 RONIN" Marvel's Next Big Thing actually involves five things—or five people, rather. Wolverine, Psyclocke, the Punisher, Deadpool and the Hulk star in the upcoming five-issue, weekly miniseries "5 Ronin." The title re-imagines the quintet of heroes as masterless...
  4. nigma

    The Hulks (after WWH)

    Since I don't feel like creating a new thread for each of the Hulk Titles, We'll just talk about them all here, lets say any story line since the end of World War Hulk......good? if the mods come up with a better title, then change it. Incredible Hulk: #613 We see The Hulks other son, the...
  5. E

    Marvel needs to reboot and fix The Hulk

    I just finished re-reading Hulk: Grey which is pretty good considering the other slop Jeph Loeb has written, and I really wish Marvel would fix the Hulk. Hulk was created as an homage to Jekyll & Hyde and when written as such works really well. He really is one of Marvel's better thought-out...
  6. Iceshadow

    Fall of the Hulks (event discussion)

    The first part "Alpha" came out this week, it was decent, it's mostly about what The Leader and several other genius villains have been doing behind the scenes for years. They are kind of an Anti-Illuminate (in a truer sense than Osborne's "Cabal"), building up a wealth of knowledge for their...
  7. ProjectX2

    Do you read Loeb's Hulk?

    I'm just curious.
  8. Void.M

    Planet Hulk Movie

    Here's the trailer. Looks great.
  9. Void.M

    Marvel Event - World War HULKS... yes: HULKS

    Red She-Hulk?!! Well.....Wow.
  10. Void.M

    Pak and the New Incredible Hulk series.

    We can finally read Hulk again.
  11. Langsta

    Hulk: What works, and what doesn't work?

    Since his debut in 1962, the Hulk has been interpreted many different ways by many different writers. This is basically a find your "ultimate" Hulk. 1) Origin. In The Incredible Hulk #1, nuclear physicist Bruce Banner saves a dumbass teenager from the harmful radiation of a...
  12. Ice

    Hero Initiative: The Hulk 100 Project

    Newsarama: All 100+ Hero Initiative covers to Marvel Comics' Hulk #1 are on display in The Hulk 100 Project! This great book, with art by J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Frank Cho, Terry Dodson, Dale Keown, John Romita Sr. and Jr. and many more features MORE covers and MORE pages than last...
  13. Void.M

    Hulk Family

    Ladies and gentlemen The Hulk family So he has one son and two daughters..heh
  14. Gemini

    Hulk Vs. animated film discussion (potential spoilers)

    Well the 6th Marvel Animated Studios movie from Lionsgate is going to be titled Hulk Vs., it features a 45 minute story of Hulk Vs. Thor where the Hulk goes up against Thor and a number of Marvel's other Norse characters, the second 33 minute story is Hulk Vs. Wolverine, and is supposedly taken...
  15. Ice

    Which CGI Hulk is better?

    This is a great topic to have its own poll! Which Hulk do you like better? Ang Lee's or Louis Letterier's? Lee's Hulk VS Letterier's Hulk
  16. SSJmole

    Hulk Gamma Corps

    Searched for Hulk and couldn't find this on here. Here is the photo
  17. Hellsbuttmonkey

    The Incredible Hulk Discussion Thread--SPOILERS!!

    We haven't got one yet so I thought one was needed. Awesome. Not as awesome as Iron Man, but still awesome. The Good The Hulk vs Abomination fight. Really good fight scene, especially as it was two CG monsters fighting it looked really good. Banner in general General Ross THE...
  18. E

    Planet Hulk (no spoilers)

    How was Planet Hulk? The premise of the story didn't interest me at first but I am a little curious now. No spoilers please.
  19. the watcher

    The Incredible Hulk: Movie Game.

    See the first Images for this game at:
  20. Ice

    Loeb/McGuinness' The Hulk (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Say whaaaat? No, for serious. As CBR puts it: Creators Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness bring you "The HULK," an all-new ongoing series from Marvel Comics. What does this mean for Greg Pak's "The Incredible Hulk?" CBR News has the answers for you. A snippet: "The Hulk mythos is about to...