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    Image to start selling DRM-free digital comics

    One of the biggest stories in comics history broke during the site downtime. No hyperbole. This is a very significant event. Image revamped their website to start selling their comics digitally without DRM. You buy it, download it in any of the four major digital formats (CBR, CBZ, PDF, eBook)...
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    Hell Yeah by Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz (spoilers)

    I checked out Hell Yeah #1 after seeing a few people talking about it - and I enjoyed it. Here's the solit for the first issue, which describes the plot better than I could: It basically starts out following a kid named Ben whose dad was rescued by some superheroes while fighting in...
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    Benaroya Publishing Announces SDCC 2011 Signings and Events

    BENAROYA PUBLISHING ANNOUNCES SDCC 2011 SIGNINGS AND EVENTS Making its return to San Diego Comic-Con International, Benaroya Publishing is proud to announce its signing schedule, as well as daily contests. Located at the Image Comics booth #: 2729, Benaroya will feature such artists as...
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    The all purpose The Vault from Image Comics thread

    Didn't see any mention of The Vault so I thought I'd create a thread to share news, interviews and images. The Vault is in the June 2011 edition of Previews and it reunites Sam Sarkar and Garrie Gastonny from Caliber: First Canon of Justice. Diamond's PreviewsWorld did an interview with...