1. E

    Image to start selling DRM-free digital comics

    One of the biggest stories in comics history broke during the site downtime. No hyperbole. This is a very significant event. Image revamped their website to start selling their comics digitally without DRM. You buy it, download it in any of the four major digital formats (CBR, CBZ, PDF, eBook)...
  2. T_Montalbano

    Zombie Cop

    This January, Image Comics Shadowline shows what happens in one cop's final days amongst a zombie apocalypse in the full-length graphic novel, ZOMBIE COP! “ZOMBIE COP is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time,” writer Jeff Mariotte said. “The idea of the honest, driven cop trying to...
  3. E

    Spawn general series discussion [spoilers]

    Does anyone read Spawn anymore? I thought it was pretty decent when it first came out, but I lost interest around issue #20 or so. I did enjoy the fill-in issues written by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Dave Sims, and...I don't remember. I've been picking up the large collections that have been...
  4. Ice

    Comic Solicitations for December, 2008

    Archie: Comics Continuum Bluewater: Comics Continuum Dark Horse: Comic Book Resources Comics Continuum CNI DC: Comic Book Resources Comics Continuum DC Direct at Continuum IGN Newsarama IDW: Comics Continuum Image: Comic Book Resources --Top Cow/Shadowline Comic Book Resources...
  5. Ninja4peace

    Kirkman is now partner at Image

    Matt Fraction twittered this: Robert kirkman is now a partner at image. Kirkman was marvel exclusive apart from Walking dead and Invincible....then he started that wolfman series....anyway the contract finished...
  6. Grocer Man

    War Heroes: The Spiritual Successor to Ultimates

    See Mark Millars latest project, which he describes as a spiritual successor to Ultimates: Note to mods: this is probably in the wrong place.
  7. E

    The Nightly News & other Jonathan Hickman books (please mark spoilers)

    Is anyone reading The Nightly News? It looks interesting at least, the style it's done in. I skimmed the first issue but didn't read it. Anyone?
  8. E

    Fell (Ellis/Templesmith) - series discussion [spoilers]

    Anyone pick this up? I subscribe to Ellis's Bad Signal newsletter, so I've received a steady stream of email after email talking about the numbers on this book. It was to the point where I was tired of hearing about it. But I was in my shop yesterday and had a light week, and happened to...
  9. Fuzzy Birds


    I've always heard about this comic, but have never really shown much interest in it, until today when I stumbled onto the first issue online. A really light hearted read, with amazing artwork, very reminiscent of Stuart Immonen, one of my favourites. So, I'm strongly considering picking up the...