War Heroes: The Spiritual Successor to Ultimates

See Mark Millars latest project, which he describes as a spiritual successor to Ultimates:


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Nope. We don't have an Image forum. And I'm not going to petition for one.

They're going to use them to pull off the biggest scam of all time. What this is doesn't get revealed into the second issue, but imagine Three Kings or Ocean's Eleven meets Captain America's super-soldier serum. Eight bastards with a plan.

Well ****. I'm there. And Tony Harris on art? Hell yes man.

It's called The War Heroes Tour Of Duty and if you've ever wondered what an incomprehensible Scotsman looks and sounds like come along. Also, we'll be hitting the pub after every signing and everyone's invited.

And it'll be nowhere near Pittsburgh because it seems like everyone who plans these things thinks that Philadelphia is the only major city in PA.
I can't wait for this. It's going to be awesome.
I can't wait for this. It's going to be awesome.

I agree. Millar makes this sound so friggin awesome. His original plan for Ultimates 3 and Ultimate Avengers sounds interesting as well
I think this will not be something I will enjoy.

Mark Millar has a tendency, when doing things he's created, to become incapable of being subtle. He just goes to an extreme too quickly, and doesn't restrain himself. I'm trying to think of a single-creator owned project he's done that I've enjoyed and I can't.

He's very good, however, at really playing with established characters, taking them to a place they've always been but in a way that's very fresh. He did it terrifically with SUPERMAN: RED SON, THE AUTHORITY, SUPERMAN ADVENTURES, and of course, THE ULTIMATES.

I think part of the reason is because simply using a pre-existing character forces him to question himself more - I'm not sure.

So, this title, WAR HEROES, I think will be like much of Millar's creator-owned work - extreme and shallow, which annoys me greatly.

I'd love to enjoy WAR HEROES, but I seriously doubt, for me, that I will. :?
This sounds awesome. Millar's ideas for Ultimates 3 sound awesome. This comic is going to be awesome.
#1 was pretty average but what happened to the rest of it? How long has it been delayed? What's going on?
It's a shame this never comes out because it raised some interesting ideas.
What happened? I thought this looked pretty interesting.

A group of soldiers enlist in this supersoldier program in order to steal the pills that give superpowers and sell them to Al-Queda. That's all we know so far.

This is not Ultimates 3, it's Watchmen 2.

The ****?

Really, because isn't the whole Ultimates political commentary a bit dated now that Obama is going to be President?

Really, because only political commentaries can be interesting? Have you even read this? It's all the little ideas that are interesting.
Ok….War Heroes isn't really a spiritual successor to Ultimates. Every concept used in this book is used in his Ultimates2 run. Super-powered army of govt soldiers? Check. Secret plan where villains steal said powers? Check.

I was excited about this…but the huge delay in shipping has squashed any enthusiasm for the book and now I just want him to finish the damn story.

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