iron man

  1. Ice

    Civil War 2. Spring 2016.

    This post card was sent out by Marvel: I can see it happening with the Captain America movie coming out, though I don't think it'll be as huge as the original was.
  2. Ice

    Avengers Invincible Iron Man (Bendis/Marquez)

    Bendis & Marquez to relaunch "Invincible Iron Man" under All-New, All-Different Marvel "He's getting new armor, a new girlfriend, new villains, a whopper of a last page and thanks to Kieron Gillen who revealed that Tony Stark is adopted, we're going to find out who Tony's biological parents...
  3. Ice

    Best Comic-film of 2013.

    Out of the comic movies we've had this year, which one would you say is the best? What's your order from best to worst? Vote and post!
  4. E

    Avengers Iron Man by Gillen/Land (spoilers)

    Kind of dug this, even though I don't care for Greg Land's posed tracings (particularly his surprised women). The one thing I noticed about this is that Tony behaves more like the cocky millionaire that Robert Downey Jr. portrays in the movies. I like that take a lot better than how Matt...
  5. E

    Coming this October: Ultimate Comics Iron Man by Nathan Edmondson & Matteo Buf***ni

    Via Bleeding Cool The censor won't display the artist's name. :lol:
  6. Bass

    IRON MAN 3 discussion (spoilers)

    From io9. I agree with io9, this sounds intriguing. Particularly the removal of crossover elements. Shane Black is responsible for some nice movies like LETHAL WEAPON and KISS KISS BANG BANG. The only thing that worries me is the potential lack of a supervillain simply because the problem...
  7. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Carnage Returns! EDIT: Also... Zeb Wells:
  8. E

    Question about Iron Man issue numbering

    I'm trying to organize the info at TPBWiki Iron Man started with a new #1 (vol. 4) in 2005 (Extremis). It ran for 14 issues before becoming Iron Man: Director of SHIELD and continuing numbering as that. But how does the new Matt Fraction series fit into that? Did Director of SHIELD end with...
  9. ProjectX2

    Marvel Anime

    So Warren Ellis is writing anime for Marvel and Madhouse Productions. The currently announced titles/shows are Iron Man and Wolverine. Bizarre.
  10. SSJmole

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures *spoilers*

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures Starts April 24 Nicktoons! new trailer Couldn't locate the thread for this to post trailer so I created one. And since it starts next month I added *spoilers* so this can be used...
  11. Langsta

    What is your favorite Iron Man armor?

    I've been trying to gather all of the images and data for this thread for a while, but I just haven't been able to find the time (especially with finals coming up). When I get the chance I'll make a poll for this. Unless somebody else wants to. I was going to include Iron Man's original grey...
  12. Goodwill

    Batman/Iron Man

    Thought you guys would enjoy this if you didn't already see it.
  13. Random

    Iron Man discussion (Spoilers!)

    I just saw the movie and decided to return for one post in the middle of my self imposed exile to say what I thought. And I might as well start the spoiler filled thread It was un-freaking-believable! One of the best Super hero movies ever. The action was top notch, the humor was great and...
  14. Gemini

    Avengers Invincible Iron Man discussion (Spoilers!)

    Taken from coming out just in time to capitalize on the new movie, as if we were'nt getting enough Iron Man anyhow, on the other hand I'm convinced that Fraction could write the hell out of this book. should be pretty good
  15. SSJmole

    New Iron Man cartoon

    Sorry if this has been discussed but : Here is the picture
  16. ourchair

    Iron Man Fan Film Preview

    A preview of a non-commercial fan film, in the form of TV-style opening credits of The Invincible Iron Man, by David Guivant: That's some kind of bad-***.
  17. Fredrik Martinsson

    A Tony Stark question...

    So I'm... somewhere else and is discussing OMD and we get into other things that Marvel have done that upset people but is completely forgotten and forgiven today and someone made a point about Tony Stark that in an arc, that was canon, the Tony Stark from 616 died and was replaced by a younger...
  18. the watcher

    Iron Man: The Movie game

    Iron Man will be in stores spring 2008. But until then get your first look at the game from the Con.
  19. ourchair

    Avengers Knauf & Knauf's Invincible Iron Man

    Okay, I just finished reading "Execute Program", the initial six-part arc of Daniel and Charlie Knauf's run on Invincible Iron Man. I'm kind of half-half on it at the moment, though I imagine I'd appreciate it or hate it better once I've given it a second read. Anyway, I started picking up...
  20. the watcher

    Get Your first Look at the New Iron Man Cartoon.

    The August 8 release of Ultimate Avengers 2 on DVD will be accompanied by a preview of the next Lionsgate/Marvel animated film, Iron Man. The two-minute, 42-second preview includes designs and brief "early take 1" animation clips, along with comments from writer Greg Johnson...